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light beams // wedding

As an Architects, we believe that spatial organisation and human experience are the essence of any design. The mood, sounds, design scale, lighting and even the smell effects people's experience and memories.

In our latest wedding, we have worked on all of the details in order to set a different experience for the guests, starting by the layout, which was in a Radial form, just to keep people close to each other and to the stage in a cosy way, allowing a direct eye contact with the bride during her Zaffa ! However, the layout had enough spaces for guests to circulate around freely. The theme was based originally on { Light & Shadows } concept, which we thought it might give a unique outcome, the colours were white, bronze, gold and silver, the variation of colours gave a different modern ambience in the wedding. In order to break the normal tradition and create a unique art installation, the Kousha had no background and consisted only of repetitive elements, which functioned as a lanterns, some of them were perforated and had a hidden light bulb in order to achieve the Light & Shadow concept.

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